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Rhythm Of Life Adult Day Service Program is a day program developed for those individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs

  • we’re strategical centered around the use of Music and Art Therapy.
  • we guide individuals to a life of successful inclusion in their homes and communities, using music, movement, sound & art as our means of accomplishing our goal.

The goal of Rhythm Of Life Adult Day Services Program

  • to insure the participants, receive the tools need to live long happy inclusive lives
  • to engage participants using one-on-one and group music & art activities allowing further developing of the sensorimotor, cognitive, and social skills.
  • to utilize the art of dance and movement to actively engage our participants to promote physical and mental health.

Music and Art, as we know, has the most power influence on us. Genius has been demonstrated and fortunes made in its provision and performance. It pervades every part of our culture.

Singing, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments — seem as essential to life as eating or sleeping. Apart from which they may not literally, but perhaps spiritually, die.

People often speak, anecdotally, of how much happier they are when they are able to perform, and many will tell you how much healthier they have become since beginning to sing, dance, paint, or play an instrument. Likewise, for those with developmental disabilities.

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